United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry launch branding campaign for the area


The United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry are rolling out a new branding campaign that seeks to capitalize on our unique identity in eastern Ontario.

On Tuesday, March 30 the Counties launched ‘We Are The Area’ – a social media-based branding campaign that seeks to add identity to ‘the area’ as it relates to searchable online content specific to living and working in SDG.

The branding exercise will include the use of internally-produced graphics for use on the Counties’ social media channels (Twitter, Facebook). With input from economic development and tourism, the graphics will be issued once a week and cover County facts, agriculture, businesses, living, and tourism.

“When searching online for ‘Cornwall and area’ results focus on housing, real estate and business in our region,” said Warden Frank Prevost. “Our goal with this campaign is to create content that leverages this opportunity by telling short stories about ‘the area’ and the positive aspects of visiting, living and working in our region.”

The hashtag #whereontariobegan will be included on each of the graphics.

“There is a natural link between our moniker ‘Where Ontario Began’ and this campaign,” said SDG Manager of Economic Development and Tourism Tara Kirkpatrick. “‘We Are The Area…#whereontariobegan’ This social media branding will link the two, helping to add to successes already being undertaken in SDG.”


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