Letter to the Editor – weak council


Dear Editor,

What is wrong with this township? We have a weak council and a Mayor without a back bone. 500 acres of land was sold this winter south of Inkerman. It has 25 acres of bush in the center, and it is being cleared now. 170 acres just sold north of Inkerman, with 45 acres of bush probably to be cleared. A year ago, when my wife asked the Mayor what the township could do to protect the tree cover we have in the township, he replied with something to the effect, “We have a policy, we just haven’t implemented it yet”. Greed and credit have driven up the price of farmland. Now at a level way beyond a profit level, so only people with old money or net worth can purchase. Then they want even the bushland to go into production. We complain about the deforestation in South America but do nothing about Eastern Ontario. It is all around us: South Dundas, Grenville, and Stormont. For 10 years we have planted trees on this farm trying to fill in our fence rows. The trees will slow the wind and erosion, hold the moisture and a home for bugs and birds. The 50 Million Tree Program is not going to be able to keep pace with this destruction. Come on people we voted these people in and their job is to work for us. Call them and tell them how you feel.

Brian McIntosh, Inkerman.


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