Tid-bit Musings


by Elva Patterson Rutters RSSW

Have you ever drawn a line, perhaps in the sand or somewhere, somehow more permanently?

We think of love where a couple write their names in the sand on the beach, only to watch the waves slowly wash it away. While parenting, we draw the line at three strikes and consequences will follow.

Infractions such as abuse need to have a very firm line drawn- a line of zero tolerance.
What defines your lines? Are you like a wave, continually erasing the line, resulting in tolerance of more and more behaviours? Is your forgiving nature a conduit to destruction?

Are excuses a reason to change the line you drew? Is implementing a flexible line creating confusion for others? Who evaluates the creation of a line, and who enforces the boundaries?

Sometimes, our health sets the lines quite stringently. A diabetic who ignores the sugar content of foods, and ignores regular eating routines, suffers the natural consequence. Believing the law will not hold one accountable for infractions eventually discovers that it catches up to the perpetrator.

Academically, the line is quite instilled as failure to achieve versus pursuit of the goal. Some lines change with times, while others are steadfast.

It is imperative you draw the line in your life in regard to matters relevant to yourself and your family. Accountability is in the eye of the beholder. You are precious just because you are you! Always draw lines of safety around yourself!


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