Tid-bit Musings


by Elva Patterson Rutters

Again the time to make New Year’s resolutions rolls around with varying responses. It appears fewer folks are making resolutions based on the perception of failure to make the resolution stick, so why bother? Reality is that resolutions can be made at any time and be just as effective. In fact, by deploying the SMART strategy, goals or resolutions are made in increments of time. Change will be your constant companion.

SMART is a trade name for goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant (to your situation) and Time based. Every person is different, and the resolutions need to apply to your individual situation, your capabilities, and your resources. Take a long term goal and break it into smaller steps. Your desire to go to Europe by New Year’s Eve, 2022, will not be achieved if you don’t start saving the cash, make an itinerary, get proper health clearance, and then it is dependent on Covid restrictions. Perhaps breaking that goal down into smaller steps will help achieve the long-term goal.

It is okay to not complete or achieve resolutions. The best part is you tried. You only fail when you fail to try. We learn through failures, and that failure is then perceived as a learning curve, or just plain old experience. Experience makes us wiser. We then alter our resolutions and strive to commit to betterment of ourselves and our community.

You can’t change the world, but you can change the world for one person by being kind, compassionate, and passionate. No-one is perfect, and the person who believes they are perfect is fooling themselves. Only you can validate your existence. Go for it in love and a caring attitude!


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