Tid Bit Musings


by Elva Patterson Rutters, RSSW

Are you listening? Really listening? I made a fourth call to Bell to seek financial restitution for my spotty phone and internet service since June 22.

I told the chap I was frustrated and dismayed that the service still isn’t running properly. His first words were, “I’m glad you are happy with our service….” Excuse me, did he even listen to me?

In regard to Canada Day, folks are quick to say that if you are not angry about the atrocities towards the indigenous people, then you aren’t listening. Are those the same people who want to take time and a half for working July 1, or taking it as a holiday?

Many of those same individuals claim a woman sexually assaulted in today’s world asked for it by where they were, what they said, or how they dressed. Saying a victim has a part in the attack is barbaric and socially defunct thinking.

A wrong is a wrong, and no need to dismiss nor negate its impact on people. Sometimes, people refute just so they don’t have to change their ways. Once you make an admission, you are obligated to change unless you are insane. There are good people in Canada and we do have many benefits!

We cannot change nor control how others think, but we can be proactive in addressing injustices.

We can retaliate with forgiveness and kindness. Take the time to really listen to what someone is saying. Hear the feelings behind the words. Respond with empathy, or even an admission of how you have never experienced that situation, but promise you are there for them. I

f you are truly there, don’t be preoccupied or flippant. You may mean the world to someone! Be genuine!


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