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Strength. Stability. Liberty. Good Government. It is time for change and Claude is deeply committed to being the voice of this constituency. With great determination and passion, he seeks to work with, support, and speak out for individuals, businesses and community organizations, to represent their interests and concerns in Provincial Parliament. Claude strongly believes that government must remain accountable to the people and that elected officials must uphold their duty to listen to and represent their constituents respectfully, transparently and in a lawful and dignified manner. Click below to learn more about Claude and the New Blue Party of Ontario.

Claude is your New Blue candidate in his home riding of SDSG where he lives with his lovely wife Jean. Together, they have lived in Eastern Ontario for the past fifteen years and, for the past five years, they have made their home in Cornwall, Ontario.

Born and raised in a small community in Northern Quebec , Claude is fluently bilingual in both official languages. Claude was raised in a large family which valued caring for one another with mutual respect and understanding. This upbringing was influential in shaping Claude’s character of a strong work ethic, loyalty and compassion. His father encouraged Claude to pursue his dreams, telling Claude he could be anything he set his heart on.  As a young boy, Claude would often see the fighter jets from a nearby RCAF base flying over the family farm – so Claude decided to become an Air Force pilot!

Claude’s military career as a pilot began in the RCAF in 1979, after which he transferred into the Air Reserve from 1990-2006. Being an Air Force pilot has given Claude the opportunity to live and experience the beauty and culture of Canada from coast to coast.

As a senior pilot who has consistently demonstrated peak proficiency and commitment to excellence, Claude has been recognized for his strong leadership and organizational skills and his ability to increase efficiency, competency and good morale in units under his command. 

As a second career, Claude became a corporate pilot and settled in the beautiful city of Cornwall, with its great walking trails and small town atmosphere. With love of family engrained in his character, Claude also enjoys researching genealogy. 

Claude has a love for Canada and a desire to serve his country now in a different role. As your representative in Queen’s Park, Claude is committed to listen to your concerns without bias and, when contacted by you, to respond in a timely manner.  In his own words:

“I consider myself to be your public servant and I will hold myself accountable to my constituents. I will provide my constituents with my voting record on any motions brought before Queen’s Park, whether or not the votes are publicly recorded. I am willing to bring forward private member bills that will benefit the development and growth of our constituency and promote growth for small business.”

The New Blue Party of Ontario was formed to offer the solutions necessary to ensure our province’s future is one of hope, opportunity, and prosperity.

New Blue MPPs elected on June 2nd, 2022, will fight to end all COVID-19 mandates, including: a complete repeal of Doug Ford’s emergency measures; and restitution for those harmed by emergency measures applied by the governments of Justin Trudeau or Doug Ford.

The New Blue will also fight to:

· Renew political accountability

· Defund the establishment media and promote a free press

· Grow Ontario’s economy

· Provide tax relief by cutting the HST from 13% to 10% and axe the Doug Ford carbon tax.

· Reform education

· Restore dignity and transparency in our healthcare

The New Blueprint will move us forward – the right way forward – with strength, stability, liberty, and good government. It’s time to stand for principle and stand up for you, with the New Blue in ’22!

New Blue Founding 


At it’s noblest, good and responsible government should demonstrate accountability, transparency, and integrity while acting in the best interests of its citizens.

A peaceful, well-ordered, and stable democracy in which individuals can flourish is achieved by strengthening the rule of law and ensuring full equality before the law, while at the same time recognizing the supremacy of natural law, a democratic parliament, and the Canadian constitution.

The dignity and wellbeing of the individual is at the heart of a democratic society.

Liberty is best promoted through the ability of individuals to make decisions in their own best interests and encouraging free will (including freedom of speech, worship, assembly, association, political participation, conscience, and religion), while recognizing the responsibilities that accompany all rights.

Prosperity is best ensured by empowering individuals to improve their personal situation through self-reliance and the maximum enjoyment of the fruits of one’s own labour.

This is best achieved by providing equal opportunity to participate in a competitive market economy that rewards initiative and innovation, values ethical transactions, protects private property, and ensures security and privacy.

The health and wellbeing of society is improved by strong families in which parents are the primary educators and caregivers of their children and by recognizing the inherent value and dignity of human life from conception to natural death.

Government works best when there is a clear division of powers and when it avoids intruding on those functions better served by individuals, families, voluntary associations, religious groups, local governments, and the private sector.

Changes to existing systems should adhere to the principles outlined above while recognizing the importance of Ontario’s heritage and balancing any possible benefits against the costs of change.


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