More Birds Return


We are getting some glimpses of warmer weather, as the birds slowly return to keep us company for a short while. There have also been glimpses of some newcomers, besides those already mentioned in previous writings. Yesterday, my wife spotted a Wren, or at least heard it chattering at her in the back garden and today, I was able to confirm it with a view from our back window. It was a House Wren and she was sitting on the top of one of my nesting boxes and making exploratory visits inside it, so “fingers crossed”! The Bluebirds which appear sporadically from somewhere in the neighbourhood were here and I got some good views of the male preening himself in a tree. She, as all females do, was already looking her best, so didn’t bother! They certainly don’t seem to be intent on making a nest in the nesting box they were depositing material in a few days ago! However, our miscreant Robin seems to have stopped attacking its own image in our house and car windows and may be the owner of the nest that has suddenly appeared on my small nesting shelf above my garage door. Let’s hope this is the case and we get some more “normal” Robin-like behaviour from it!

A bird enthusiast friend and NDT reader had a wonderful and rare sighting the other day of a female Eastern Towhee which is a member of the Sparrow family although it isn’t quite as dull colored as many of the Sparrow family are. I have never seen one myself, so it was pleasing to hear that someone else had got the privilege to do so. Perhaps you too have seen one or other such birds but even if you haven’t, please don’t forget to enjoy the ones you see every day and tend to take for granted.

Stay safe and well,

John Baldwin.



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