Road Study


Driving around North Dundas, many of you have noticed cameras mounted high atop stop signs. The Township of North Dundas has hired D. M. Willis to undertake a Road Needs Study. D. M. Willis has subcontracted to a company to count cars and other vehicles on the Township’s roads. The company has installed cameras to count the vehicles on a number of roads in the Township. These cameras are intended to only count traffic; there will be no facial recognition software used, or software used to read license plates. Khurram Tunio, Director of Public Works with the Township, points out that “the hardware itself is not sophisticated enough to effectively collect information such as license plates in the first place.” In any event, all underlying data will be deleted. The counting was to have been completed this past week, and the cameras removed shortly thereafter. The results of the counting will inform the Road Needs Study, and ultimately be included in the GIS mapping.


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