North Dundas Council report


The Municipal Council met for their regular bi-monthly meeting on the evening of November 17 for what turned out to be a very short meeting. The Dundas Federation of Agriculture was slated to present, but was absent. A closed, in-camera session was moved until the end of the meeting, and the business of the township was completed in less than an hour.

A cost sharing agreement has been arranged between the North Dundas and Sevita International to make improvements to Sandy Row, as required by the South Nation Conservation Authority. Sevita has agreed to pay 50%, up to a total of $100k, for improvements, such as culverts, to help mitigate the potential effects in the event of a 1 in 100 year flood. The township will be responsible for anything over $200K, although the Councillors are confident that the work will be completed for less than $200K.

Deputy Mayor Al Armstrong pointed out that conduits for fibre and other infrastructure should be put in while this work is being done, and this will benefit others in the area going forward. Council pointed out that taxes from the expanded Sevita enterprise will benefit the township. If the premises are zoned commercial, taxes of $13,400 will come to North Dundas. If zoned industrial, the North Dundas portion would be $16,900. The Councilors noted that the taxes to North Dundas are only a fraction of the total taxes paid. By way of illustration, they stressed that, if the premises are taxed as commercial, the total taxes annually would be $57K, with $44K going to the United Countie of Stormont, Dundas, and South Glengarry. Council agreed that they will continue to look for grant money going forward.

The two subdivisions of Forestwood Heights and Foxfire Ridge are in the process of being completed. When subdivisions are being developed, the township retains two lots as security to ensure that the project will be completed. When all work such as paving, drainage, and landscaping or parkland is completed, the township releases the two lots back to the developer. In these two instances, the lots are being released by the township in exchange for the market value of one lot, so that the township has the money to allow any final work to be completed.

Council congratulated the North Dundas Fire Service for having received an award from the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation of Canada. The award of $20,340 will be used to acquire a generator for the South Mountain Fire Hall. It is hoped that this generator will allow the Fire Service to provide power to the South Mountain Agriculture Hall, for the safety of the residents of North Dundas, in the event of a weather event such as the Ice Storm of ‘98, or a similar catastrophic event, natural or otherwise.

Council congratulated the Deputy Clerk & Executive Assistant, Jess Manley, and the administration team of North Dundas Township, for identifying and applying for grants and awards such as the Firehouse Subs Public Safety Foundation of Canada grant. Finally, plans for the North Dundas Display of Lights, formerly known as the North Dundas Parade of Lights, is continuing. The event will be held at the Rideau Auctions Lot on Highway 31. The OPP, the United Counties, and North Dundas have been working together to ensure that all details, such as insurance, are in order.

The next meeting of the North Dundas Township Council will be held on December 8 at 7 pm in the Council Chambers of the Township Office. Residents are allowed to attend, but due to Covid-19 and safety protocols from the Eastern Ontario Health Unit, you are asked to call ahead to inform the Clerk you are coming. To make a presentation to council at a regular council meeting, call the Clerk’s office at 613-774-2105 a week in advance to be put on the agenda, and an approximate time will be given.


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