Brief update on Council meetings


A regular Council meeting update will not be possible in this week’s issue, because the only open session meeting that has taken place since the last update occurred on November 14, after our printing deadline. That meeting will be covered in the next issue of the Times. 

There was a special closed session meeting on the afternoon of November 9 to appoint an interim CAO while Angela Rutley is on extended medical leave. The closed session meeting took place to “deal with human resources matters about an identifiable individual”, meaning that members of the public and media were not privy to the discussions in that portion of the meeting.

The opening and closing of the brief meeting – which lasted under 30 minutes – was open to the public, and in his closing remarks, Mayor Tony Fraser announced the appointment of Ben de Haan as acting CAO. An emergency agenda item to grant the Clerk to carry over vacation time to the new year was then quickly passed before the short meeting was adjourned.



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