NDDHS student update


submitted by Shealyn Elliott

North Dundas District High School has been alive with new and exciting events for the past few weeks. It started this year off with its first event, the Terry Fox Walk. In addition to being a relaxing walk on a refreshing, sunny day, the event was also important to make people cognizant of the impact of Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope. As a school, NDDHS raised over one thousand dollars to be donated to cancer research in memory of Terry Fox and his sacrifices. The NDDHS Student Council ended September with a blast with a school-wide volleyball tournament fundraiser. There was an impressive amount of participation, both in teams and in the audience, and it was regarded as a fun and entertaining event to enjoy with friends. The school raised almost 500 dollars to donate to local charities focusing on teen mental health awareness and teen suicide prevention. Considering the number of participants and the level of enjoyment, the NDDHS Student Council intends on having more non-competitive events like this in the future. In the second week of October, the Student Council had its annual Student vs. Staff baseball game. After four long years of miserable defeat, the students finally won against the teachers. Both teams showed great determination and strength, allowing for a close 4-3 lead for the students in the second-to-last inning. The students managed to pull ahead in the last inning and end the game with a 10-3 win. The Student Council appreciates the participation and excitement of the players, spectators, and organizers, and the NDDHS student body is looking forward to defending its title next year. Throughout the next few months, the NDDHS Student Council has many interesting and important events, like the Halloween Dance, the pumpkin carving contest, and the annual food drive. The NDDHS Student Council and the rest of the NDDHS student body are so excited for the upcoming events and fundraisers to kick off their school year with exhilaration.



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