NDDHS update


submitted by Shealyn Elliott

As the autumn months slowly fizzle into our long-dreaded Canadian winter, North Dundas District High School has been celebrating the final events of October, as well as appreciating and recognizing important days in November. To excitingly conclude October, our NDDHS Student Council ran our yearly Pumpkin Carving Contest. From a disarray of pumpkin guts and dirtied spoons, we ended up with thirty amazingly carved pumpkins. We had so many creative and imaginative ideas, and it was a very difficult decision to choose our top three. Our first-place winners for the intermediate students were Holden Portueus, Sam Clark, Brayson, and Austin. Our first-place winners for the secondary students were Matthew Enstien, Joel Enstien, and Addison Hicks. We congratulate our winners for their ingenuity and creativity. To begin November, our Minister of Communications, Jeffery Vandruff, has organized an Act of Kindness campaign for the entire month. This campaign has been created to promote kindness and generosity among the student body. We have been announcing daily acts to complete, alongside weekly prizes for the student with the most acts of kindness. We look forward to seeing the thoughtfulness and compassion of our student body during this campaign. In November, we are also acknowledging Cyber Awareness Month, Native Heritage Month, and Movember. Our student council plans on creating informative and educational incentives for all of these commemorations. On November 10, we held our Remembrance Day ceremony. The Royal Canadian Legion Colour Party was gracious enough to attend and perform at our ceremony. We were also honoured to have Chief Warrant Officer John Barnes speak about his experiences and thoughts to spread recognition about the importance of Remembrance Day. Our North Dundas District High School band played several recognitional songs during the ceremony, and we express our gratitude for their performance. To conclude, November has been a very important month for recognition and gratitude, and we look forward to the exciting events of December.


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