Letters to the Editor


Dear Editor,
It is great to have the North Dundas Times active as our local newspaper!

Many of us would not hesitate to pay a subscription fee if that will assist with bills.

Your article on zero sum and jumping to extremes coincided very nicely with Tid‑Bit Musings on accountability and responsibility. We are never devoid of bitterness and sarcasm but as you indicated we research and try our best to understand the viewpoint of others while keeping firm to our beliefs.

I also read the article on closed shops in Winchester. It is vital for your readers to know that the Lions Thrift Shop is hail and hearty in the new location beside Dr. Carlin’s dentist practice (the former Anglican church).

Thanks to the many community donations and the folks who volunteer, we continue to have the Tuesday and Thursday bag day specials. This summer, we are delighted to have four students on board learning the ropes as they work towards the 40 hours of volunteer work required for high school.

Also new are two other volunteers helping to fill the gap of folks on vacations and undergoing surgeries. A new system has also been devised for our overflow or out of season items.

Anyone wishing to volunteer for a 3 hr shift (9‑12 or 12‑3) is asked to connect with the shop. We appreciate all the help we can get!

Elva Patterson Rutters


Dear Editor,

Just after I subscribed to the Chesterville Record in January 2021, I started to receive your newspaper.

Very pleased to have it, too. It’s worth paying a subscription to keep it coming.

Your articles are different. High quality journalism and articles I need to read to stay current with all the issues of the day that affect us in rural North Dundas from the pandemic to the truth and reconciliation report uptake (or not), to local political issues, to agricultural big issues, to global warming, to local water level advisories.

It’s all needed and welcome. You fill a need not met by any other medium.

My favourite column is Baldwin’s Birds. I’m a long‑time bird watcher and I enjoy John’s column as a refreshing conversation about what’s really important in my world. When I read the column on July 14th, I was, and still am, curious as to why John did not give the name of the bird pictured anywhere in the column.

The chipping sparrow is a nester here (Ormond area) and one of the favourites at the water hole.

Speaking of what’s missing reminds me of my reaction to Joselyn Morley’s column on Sustainability ‑ Earth Hub in the June 30th issue.

From the beginning, several decades ago, I have resisted the move to all things plastic; and I am devoted to ridding the world of it.

For me, Joselyn’s suggestions for getting closer to zero waste didn’t go quite far enough. I wanted her to be more relevant to North Dundas. Might a sequel be in the offing?

For example, if the local Legions participate in certain programs, we need to know which ones. We need it easy and simple. Ottawa programs don’t compute for me in North Dundas. I would LOVE to find ways to recycle all the stuff mentioned.

I HATE putting any plastic in the garbage because the end result is more pollution. Give me a local destination other than the Boyne Road Dump for all plastic and I’m there.

Now if we could just find a way to return to paper garbage bags or some other fibre equally compostable and non‑polluting, we’d have it made.

Looking forward to your next issue,
Barbara Summers
Ormond, Township of North Dundas


Dear Editor,

The level of media induced fear on man-made climate change is out of control.

I beseech everyone to use your senses and make reasonable deductions from your own observations.

In no way are we in a climate emergency.

Statistically, there are fewer fires, flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes than in previous decades. Polar bears are flourishing, not disappearing. There is nothing urgent about ocean levels rising about the thickness of a dime annually.

There were many periods in our history that were much hotter than today. For example, in the 30’s, when C02 levels were lower than today, the temperatures hovered over 100 in many States. There were many more days over 100 degrees than in the last decade.

The earth goes in cycles of warming and cooling. We do well in warming periods and face shortages, famines and wars in colder times.

Remember in the 70’s when there were fears of another ice age? Climate doesn’t change in a decade or two. It has to be examined in terms of centuries or millennia.

Studies on man-made climate change are based on models and supposition. To my knowledge, man-made climate change is a thesis, not proven fact. No amount of money will change the climate!

Mother Nature will do her thing with or without us.

Remember too that C02 is our friend. It is a basic element of life. It’s invisible. It does not cause warming. It’s the other way around. Warming allows the atmosphere to hold more C02 and this can take hundreds of years to play out. C02 levels are lower than they have ever been in our history.

Water vapour is a much more influential factor in climate but no one is talking about it.

Some say we are still in a C02 deficit. There are many benefits to increased C02: greening of the earth is accelerating, harvests are greater.

‘Global warming’ was replaced by ‘climate change’; I guess things weren’t warming quite like the alarmists wished so they switched to a phrase that is all encompassing so everything from hot, cold, wet, to dry could all be attributed to man-made climate change.

With the successful use of fear, governments can blithely take our money to ‘fix’ it and we happily hand it over because they are going to ‘save’ us!

Have a look out your window. Make your own assessment and take it easy on believing the climate alarmists.

They want a redistribution of wealth and a new political system.

If we play their game, they will achieve it.

Christine Dorothy


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