How to kick start your enthusiasm


by Daren Givoque

I want to talk to you about enthusiasm.

In today’s world, with everything going on with COVID-19, so many people are at home in their pajama pants worrying about things they can’t control. Especially in these strange times when so many of us are working remotely, it is easy to get into a comfortable routine that doesn’t excite you but gets you through your day in one piece. You start counting down the days until Friday, and dreaming longingly about retirement. You are essentially wishing your life away.

I think this is a problem. Especially for entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Enthusiasm about life and what you do is what fuels creativity and in turn your business. When you wake up every day with enthusiasm for what you are going to accomplish, it drives you towards success both personally and professionally.

I know, I know. This is easier said than done. It’s not as simple as just jumping out of bed every morning and deciding you are going to be excited about the day to come. However, it is something you can cultivate if you work at it. Here are my top three tips for finding your enthusiasm so you can fuel your creativity and find success in business and life.

Have a game plan

Start by identifying where your enthusiasm comes from. What are you passionate about and what do you want to get out of your days? Write a list of short and long term goals that you want to accomplish. I love sticky notes because you can post them anywhere; on your bathroom mirror, notebook or even your lunchbox. Anywhere that you will be able to see them on a regular a basis, so they remain front and centre in your mind throughout your day. Nothing creates enthusiasm more than when you can cross one of your goals off your list.

Talk to people

Once you have identified your goals, make sure you share them with as many people as you can. Externalizing your goals by talking to other people about them will help them become more real and will fuel your drive towards accomplishing them. Whether it be your partner, family, friends or colleagues, having people share their insight and give you encouragement can do wonders for building your own enthusiasm for realizing your goals.

Focus on your strengths

No one enjoys or is good at every aspect of their job. As an entrepreneur or businessperson, it is important for you to focus on your strengths and acknowledge your weaknesses. If you can, delegate your weaknesses to someone who can do the tasks better than you. If that’s not a possibility, be creative. Maybe you don’t enjoy making cold calls. Can you send well-written and engaging emails instead? Don’t get bogged down by the parts of your job you don’t like as much. There are always ways to accomplish your goals while using your strengths and delegating or working around your weaknesses.

If you are finding yourself in a rut right now, don’t be afraid to shake things up to find your enthusiasm again. It may be a bit challenging in today’s work environment, but it is possible to create that fire in your belly that will have you looking forward to your days, and excited about your life!


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