Canadian tech company launches a wellness app for social media


A new social media wellness app launched by the Canadian tech company Gravvity, has made waves in a crowd-funding campaign, achieving over 80% of their overall goal in just one day. The social app, now available for pre-order for iOS and Android devices, raised $600,000 of its $750,000 goal last week, and has currently achieved 84% of its overall goal.

The crowd-funding campaign gives investors the opportunity to contribute to the company’s mission and be a part of a social media movement to achieve a healthier social media experience. The structure of the app is unique in the sense that for every ad that a user sees in their feed, Gravvity shares 50% of the ad profits with the user. With Gravvity, users are finally able to benefit from the value of their data and attention, and be rewarded for seeing ads they’re interested in.

The new social media wellness app was designed by a diverse team during the pandemic who are looking to disrupt the social media landscape. Gravvity wants to help modern-day social media users enjoy their experience online again, while keeping their mental health as a priority. By eliminating social validation features such as likes, unlimited scroll, ads, and follower counts from users profiles, users experience social media for its intended purpose, to engage with content and make genuine connections. The app’s waitlist that launched earlier this year currently has over 20,000 people from over 25 countries.


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