HOL shares its appreciation of Alltec Refresh


How many old smartphones do you have sitting in a drawer somewhere? What about computers or tablets? It’s true for many people that when we get a new device, particularly a new smartphone after our current one is paid off – even though it may still be functioning fine – we become attached to our new device and put the old one out of sight and out of mind. 

Many children and teens get their first cellphone as a hand-me-down. Old cell phones can be used with free wifi connectivity, even after they are disconnected from cell service. It turns out that there is another way to share the love as well, and it’s local too!

Alltec Refresh is a program run by local tech company Alltec Solutions. The program safely restores old devices to pass on to those in need, without the risk of personal data from the device being shared with the new owner. Alltec has offices in both North Grenville and North Dundas. 

Local charity House of Lazarus recently posted its love of the Alltec Refresh program. “We want to thank Patrick Hart and Alltec Solutions for being such an amazing partner via Alltec Refresh! The team at Alltec has cleaned and prepared donated electronics for individuals and families in need. Through this initiative, we have been able to provide phones, laptops and tablets to people who would not otherwise be able to access them. This week alone, we have provided phones to three people. These phones can be critical for people to remain connected but also essential for safety. If you are upgrading your phone and would like to see it go towards helping a person continue to access important resources, please consider donating to this program.”

Alltec owner Patrick Hart shared some additional information about the Program. “The Refresh program is an initiative by Alltec Solutions to bring life back to old electronic devices such as phones, tablets and computers,” he said. “We only accept devices that aren’t damaged beyond use as we aren’t a recycling program. I realized that tons of people end up leaving these devices in storage mainly because they do not know how to deal with their sensitive information on the devices, so we use the tech company factor to guarantee safe removal of customer data before turning the devices to a new home. Our main partner is House of Lazarus and through that partnership, we are able to identify people truly in need of these devices. We encourage people to deliver the devices to House of Lazarus but we also offer pick up for local donations.”

To learn more, visit https://www.alltec.solutions/charity-program/.


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