Come Hear Stories and Songs Composed at Lost Villages Brewery, May 5th!


Come and hear newly created Canadian stories and songs at the Lost Villages Brewery on Sunday, May 5th, 2024 in Long Sault. The sixth year of the writing competition, Writing in 150 is one of A Bunch of People Arts and Events’ (ABOP) most successful events and, as usual, profit from this event will be donated to House of Lazarus to help local community members.

“This year we are excited to hold the competition in the spacious common room at Lost Villages Brewery, a wonderful new site for us,” said Patrick Burger – the concept and organizational lead on this event. The competition will use its regular format, where within 2 1/2 hours everyone will write at the same time in the same place, all based on prompt words. The pieces are then judged on site, while the authors and composers share their work with the public and each other. The event is free.

Writing starts at 10 am, with judging beginning at 12:30 pm and the public is invited to hear the newly created works starting at 1:30 pm.  Four writing genres are involved: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry/Spoken Word and Song-Writing. Fast-paced and creative, the competition will be judged by a line-up of experienced judges including Murray Barkley, Tom Schoch, and Jen Pretty. ABOP is excited to have Patrick Clark of Iroquois, as the new Song-Writing judge.  “It is really amazing what the electric atmosphere of the competition does to put everyone’s creativity in gear,” Patrick Burger explained.  “The creativity is nothing short of incredible during that two and a half hour time limit.  Stories, poems and songs that might never have come to light were it not for this competition, roll off laptops and guitars in a flood of inspiration.  It’s really magic to be part of, and especially for the public to experience afterward.”

As in all the previous years, 1st and 2nd place winners will have their written work published in a book by Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Publishing.


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