Fireworks draw large crowd, as usual

One of many spectacular moments from the fireworks display at NDDHS on July 1

The Township’s fireworks display on Canada Day drew a large crowd this year, consistent with the turnout of previous years’ events. Rather than taking place at the South Mountain fairgrounds like in some previous years, the fireworks this year took place in the rear yard of North Dundas District High School, between Chesterville and Winchester.

No official reason was provided for the move away from having the Mountain Township and District Lions Club organize the Canada Day event. Last year’s event saw an inflatable midway set up at the fairgrounds in South Mountain in addition to live entertainment and other activities lasting for much of the day. This year, the Township continued the annual tradition of having a fireworks display, but there were no daytime events. 

The parking lot of NDDHS was very full on the evening of July 1, with people of all ages scattered throughout the school property, sitting in lawn chairs and on blankets, prepared to take in the magnificent fireworks display. 

The Fire Department delivered an amazing show. The fireworks were loud, colourful, and spectacular. Those in the crowd could be heard audibly amazed at the brilliance of the show. 

Every July 1, Canadians celebrate what it means to be Canadian as we commemorate yet another year as first a dominion, and finally a country. While there has been some controversy over the years related to revelations related to the government-sanctioned residential schools that committed horrible abuses against Indigenous peoples, Canada Day continues to be a time to celebrate Canadian heritage, and pride in our great nation. 


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