Small Town Folk draw big crowd


by Stephen Trolly

The four-member band, Small Town Folk, set up for what they thought would be low turnout with half a dozen tables with a few chairs at each squished into the cozy back room of Winchester United Church. A donation table covered with baked goods was at the entrance, funnelling attendees into the tight fit, and it was a tight fit. 

With fifteen minutes to go, the small back room was packed. Every seat was taken with more being pulled out on the walkway of the second level for guests continuing to pile in. 

The two 40-minute sets covered classics from Bob Dylan, David Bowie, and Great Big C, encouraging the audience’s enthusiastic participation with several favourites. The highlight of the night was Dan Trolly’s touching Father’s Day tribute to Grant Trolly, Gordon Lightfoot’s “Did She Mention My Name”, a song Grant’s own father would sing and play on guitar to wake up in the morning. 

Small Town Folk’s concert raised $1,052 in donations for Winchester United Church. Their next concert will take place at Gospelfest as part of the Dairyfest weekend on August 13th.


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