You’ve Been Gnomed!


Do you know what a donsy is? You are about to find out!

North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser and his wife Amy

We are excited to announce an e-GNOME-ous FUNdraiser for the new Dundas Manor – coming to a front lawn near you!

It’s called Rehome-a-Gnome and we want everyone to get involved and have a little fun. We have a donsy (that’s a big group!) of gnomes that want to visit a front lawn near you. They will stay for a couple of days and then move on to the next house.

Just ask South Dundas Mayor Jason Broad and his wife Shelley. They were the first to be ‘Gnomed’ and they are thrilled. “We need the new Dundas Manor,” says Mayor Broad. “Shelley and I are happy to support this unique fundraiser and I already know where the gnomes are going next!”

North Dundas Mayor Tony Fraser agrees. He and his wife Amy have also been ‘Gnomed’. “This is a great idea and we are happy to help raise funds for the new Manor,” says Mayor Fraser. “Amy and I hope there will be lots of support to host the gnomes in North Dundas. We’re looking forward to seeing the gnomes travel through the community!”

All you have to do is visit, select #2 and make a donation. Tell us where you want the gnomes to visit (in the message box) – perhaps family, friends, neighbours or even your own house! The recipient will then have a chance to choose the next house and make a donation if they wish.

You can also select #1 at and make a $10 donation for No-Gnome Insurance so the gnomes don’t end up on your lawn!

Visit to download a gnome order form (look for the gnomes on the front page) or call Cindy at 343.572.6345.

“This one is a little crazy, but we’re going to have a lot of fun,” sums up Campaign Assistant Cindy Ault Peters. “Our gnomes are very excited about taking a tour of our local communities!”

For more details about the Dundas Manor campaign, please visit or contact the WDMH Foundation team at 613-774-2422 ext. 6169.


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