We’re eating well – thanks in part to our neighbours!

At the 50s themed BBQ, resident Marion Porteous has fun with staff members Susan Poirier (left) and Victoria Cotnam (right).

Every Wednesday, our residents enjoy a summer BBQ organized by the Dundas Manor team.

Lunchtime themes range from country picnics, to beach parties, to the Olympics. It’s a great way to get outside and enjoy the summer weather. Staff join in the fun as well. But they aren’t the only ones. Local businesses are also a big part of the events.

“We wanted to support our local businesses and purchase supplies directly from them,” explains Nutritional Manager, Stacey Williams. “It’s a great partnership!”

For example, in recent weeks, BBQ meats were purchased from Greg’s Quality Meats. Sunflowers for the table centrepieces were bought at Planted Arrow Flowers and Gifts. St. Albert’s Cheese has been used to make poutine. Fresh produce was purchased at J&L Produce. And yummy desserts have come from Loughlin’s Country Store in Hallville.

This week, Dundas Manor residents will enjoy a Chinese food dinner from Mary’s Restaurant. “We have 40 meals coming, as well as 75 egg rolls,” says Stacey. “Everyone can’t wait!”

“We are so grateful to our local communities for the support they have provided over the past few months,” adds Administrator, Susan Poirier. “This is another way we are saying thank you!”


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