We’re Donors Too!


submitted by Jane Adams

It has been an exciting few weeks at the WDMH Foundation office with the launch of the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care campaign to build the new Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home. We a so grateful to everyone who has made a donation to date.

Because of you, the magic will continue and Dundas Manor will continue to keep families together even when living apart due to health challenges. Construction on the new home will begin this fall! We want to share the wonderful stories of the many donors who are helping to make the dream come true. And we thought we’d start with the WDMH Foundation team – because we are donors too! Each member has provided a gift to help build the new Dundas Manor and we’re proud to share our reasons why.


Kristen Casselman

Managing Director Kristen Casselman says she knows how impactful a new Dundas Manor will be for local health care in our community: “This is the largest gift I have ever given to any organization and I was able to do so because of the flexible option to pay it off over 7 years. This donation is for everyone in our community because at some point, Dundas Manor has – or will – affect us all in some way. Dundas Manor is a give to our community – I am proud to invest in the new home and am humbled and grateful to be able to do so.”

Cindy Peters

For Campaign Assistant Cindy Ault Peters, it comes down to family: “I have had many family, friends and neighbours who have made it their home over the years. I also have had family who have had to go out of our area for care, due to the need for beds here. A new, larger, safe home will make an impact for many people for a long time – and keep residents close to their families. I am very proud and thankful to support this project.”

Jana Barkley

Jana Barkley worked at Dundas Manor before joining the Foundation team as Campaign Development Associate: “My deep admiration for the residents and staff of Dundas Manor motivated me to begin bi-monthly contributions to the campaign. I decided what amount worked best for me. I am so happy to have this opportunity, and I will be very proud to be a part of building the new Dundas Manor.”

Erin Kapcala and her family

As the Foundation’s Manager of Major and Planned Giving, Erin Kapcala works with donors every day to support them in leaving a legacy: “We are all somehow connected to Dundas Manor – we know someone who has called it home or we know someone who works there. Building a new, bigger Dundas Manor will allow more family, friends, and neighbours to call Dundas Manor home – and I can’t wait. Our community deserves this. My family is honoured to be supporting the new home with our monthly give.

Giving monthly allows us to easily achieve our goal.”

The estimated cost of the new building is $63 million. The provincial government is providing approximately $45 million. Our campaign goal is $18 million and we are well on our way with more than $11 million given to date. Thank you so much!

For more details about the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care campaign, please visit www.dundasmanordream.ca or contact the WDMH Foundation team at 613-774-2422 ext. 6162 or 6169.


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