Welcome back NDDHS!


by Savannah Coleman, Minister of Communications, North Dundas District High School

We have successfully welcomed the Devils back after a long break. Students came back into the school on Tuesday, September 7 and have been adjusting well. Everyone is hoping for a smooth year, with no interruptions!

This school year is already looking brighter than last year’s: students have lockers, extra-curricular activities, and events that are already in the works to look forward to.

There is COVID-19 screening that needs to be done every morning by students for the first two weeks of school, along with a Screening Verification form that needs to be signed by parents and shown to the homeroom or period 1 teacher. Students are continuing with two classes a day for the first two quadmesters and will hopefully be back to a 4-class day in February.

Student Council members met with a former ND Prime Minister and well-known individual in our county, Eric Duncan M.P., on Thursday, September 8. He shared some advice and what his goals and thoughts were during his time serving as our school’s PM. Mr. Duncan gave our Grade 11 and 12 Student Council members some great ideas on how to get this year started off with a bang!

Another event that has already happened this year was North Dundas students and staff weraing yellow on Friday, September 10 to show our support for World Suicide Awareness Day. Our school was bright and full of colour on Friday! Always remember, it is okay to not be okay. The Kids Help Phone is an excellent source for all youth to connect with and to gain immediate support. Get support over the phone 24/7 by calling 1-800-668-6868. Remember, you are not alone: talk to an adult you trust; talk to a friend; or give the Kids Help Phone a call.

My name is Savannah Coleman, and you will be hearing from me often, as I am the Minister of Communications for this year’s Student Council. I have the responsibility to inform the community of what is going on inside the walls of North Dundas District High School.

Keep your eyes open for updates and important information going on in our school and let’s make this year a good one!


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