Vroom! Vroom! We’re Getting Ready!


submitted by Jane Adams

Last week was busy on the big field where the new Dundas Manor will be built. Tractors, trucks and wood chippers were on hand to remove some of the trees and brush where the new building will be located. Initial site preparation is officially underway!

“It’s always exciting to see a project getting started,” says Lisa Little, Dundas Manor Board Chair. “And once again, our community has been there for us. Thank you to Bob Weagant and his team for preparing the site for our new home. The contractor who will build the new home and the construction schedule will be confirmed in the next few weeks.”

“It feels like a new day!” adds Dundas Manor Administrator Susan Poirier. “Thank you to everyone who is involved in making our dream a reality.”

The new two-storey Dundas Manor, located beside the current building, will be more than double the size. Thirty additional residents will be welcomed. There will be four resident home areas called Homesteads. Each one will have a wonderful gathering space as well as beautiful outdoor gardens nearby. Hallway dining will be a thing of the past as there will be four large, bright dining rooms with enough space for everyone. Rooms in the new home will be larger – and everyone will have a window.

The total cost is $63 million. The Ministry of Long-Term Care is providing $45 million. The WDMH Foundation is leading the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care campaign to raise the remaining $18 million. To date, $12 million has been given by our generous community!  “We are so grateful to everyone who has supported the new Dundas Manor so far,” notes Kristen Casselman, Managing Director of the WDMH Foundation. “And we encourage everyone to get on board to build a beautiful new long-term care home for our community.”

If you have questions about the new Dundas Manor building, please contact Philippe Marleau, Project Manager Redevelopment at phil.marleau@dundasmanor.ca or 613-774-2422 ext. 6341.

For more information on the fundraising campaign to build the new Dundas Manor, please visit www.dundasmanordream.ca. This website also includes resident and donor profiles as well as photos of the new home.


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