Township holds vote to help decide park designs


North Dundas will soon have three new play parks for local kids, and residents were consulted earlier this month for their opinion on what playground design would be best. 

The new parks will be located in different areas of the Township – one in Hallville (long anticipated on County Road 1), one in Ormond (on Ormond Road), and one in Winchester (on James Street). The Township asked playground design and sale companies for some sample design concepts, and decided to ask for input from the public on which design would work best for each park. 

The online voting tool – which was open until November 20 – allowed Township residents to select multiple designs, and to provide additional feedback. 

When will the public know what design is chosen? “Based on feedback I’ve seen via social media and have been contacted about, I expect there to be considerable comments for staff to sift through,” Councillor Matthew Uhrig explained. “As for when the public will see the selected concepts… I know there was [valid] concern that each addition may not be accessible to all, so I expect staff will take the time to get these right, and ensure all voices, with sensible commentary, are heard from.”

The three new parks will be constructed in 2024, but it is not yet known exactly when. The aim is for the parks to be constructed as soon as possible once materials and labour are available. 



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