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Hello, everyone! Welcome back to another week of The Weather with Connor. This week’s column won’t have much weather in it at all, this is more of a talking about my life column, as I’ve got some news for you (if you don’t already know about it).

So, just a bit of a backstory for you. My Fiance, Zoé, is currently going to school to become a sleep lab tech. It’s a two year program and she has completed a year and a half. This semester coming up in January is the last semester of school for her. The difference, though, is that this semester isn’t done in the school, it’s done with a co-op placement elsewhere.

Zoé’s co-op placement had a few locations as possibilities. It started off with Kingston, Ottawa, and North Bay being the options. As time went on, it was realized that those options couldn’t happen as other people had gotten them first. So, she started looking for other options. Alberta was actually a very real possibility for a while, but she decided to not make a 4 day drive (in the winter) across the country.

The decision was made around the end of October that the location for the co-op would be Moncton, New Brunswick. And yes, I will be going with her. In other words, Zoé and I are moving to Moncton! The move comes quickly, we’re already starting the packing process. We leave Ontario on January 6th, for a 12 or 13 hour day of driving to our Air BnB in east Moncton.

While I’ll be in a different province, I will not be stopping doing The Weather with Connor columns. I’m sure I will have plenty and plenty of stories to tell you from the packing process, the drive, and just life over there in general. Realistically, I’d never stop writing these columns because I love writing too much.

I know a lot of you who read these columns recognize me at Foodland here in Winchester. Obviously, I can’t drive 12 hours a day to come to work, so I’ll have to leave there as well. My last day is Saturday, December 30th, which will be a very bittersweet day for me personally. I love that store, I grew up inside that store essentially.

Aside from that, Zoé’s co-op itself is only 4 months long, the same length as a regular semester of school would be. It’s entirely possible that we will return to Eastern Ontario after four months, where she would then find the job that she went to school for around our region somewhere. Or, the other possibility is that she gets a job in Moncton if they offer her the position, and we’d stay for a little bit longer. If that happens, we don’t know what the future holds, but I promise that you’ll know when we do.

I’ll still be doing all my regular forecasting on Facebook as well, so there’s no need to worry about me quitting any of that. I could never do that even if I wanted to, it’s my life passion, and I won’t let that falter.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you in a couple of weeks.


  1. Hi Connor, if you were looking for weather “events”, you’re now in the right place… along the coast! I have a feeling you guys will really love the place!!


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