The Sisters for Life team are at it again!


by Jane Adams

And a matching gift donor is making things even better. Their message is simple: ‘COVID‑19 has stopped many things, but it has not stopped cancer. Together, we can make a difference’.

The Sisters for Life team is doing just that, raising funds to support cancer care close to home. And now they have three new ways that everyone can get involved. Visit the ‘Sister for Life – Choose Hope and Anything is Possible’ Facebook page ‑ ‑ for all the details.

Check out the giant Raffle Basket filled with all things that ladies love. Tickets are $5 or 3 for $10 until November 20. The winner will be drawn on November 21 at noon.
Bid on the Facebook On‑line Auction items.

The auction runs from November 12 to 20.
Donate to the WDMH Foundation’s Digital Mammography Fund. A generous donor will be matching all donations up to $25,000.

Visit, and then select the Digital Mammography Fund. To be part of the match, please enter that information in the box asking what inspired your gift.

“Our anonymous matching gift donor is a long‑time resident of South Stormont and understands the importance of supporting local health care,” explains Foundation Managing Director, Kristen Casselman.

“WDMH has been their hospital of choice for care, and the WDMH Foundation has been a charity of choice for many years. Knowing that their generosity truly impacts the lives of people they know, their family, and strangers, is very rewarding for them.”

The donor shares more: “I feel very fortunate that I am able to support the fundraising efforts and hard work of the Sisters for Life volunteers. I wish them much success this year and am pleased to match up to $25,000 of all gifts raised through their efforts for a new mammography machine at WDMH.”

“We are grateful to Sisters for Life,” adds Justine Plummer, WDMH Foundation Manager of Direct Mail & Events. “It is such a pleasure to work with this energetic and creative group and all of the wonderful donors who get involved!“


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