Statement from MP Duncan on the passing of Frances Lauzon

Guy and Frances Lauzon

Local Member of Parliament Eric Duncan released the following statement on the news of the passing of Frances Lauzon:

“On behalf of my family and all residents of Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry, I am saddened to learn of the passing of Frances Lauzon. Frances was a wonderful woman who will be sorely missed. She was always a kind and effective confidant to her loving husband Guy Lauzon.

Whether it was her work as the well-loved Administrator at the Glen Stor Dun Lodge for years, or as a political spouse at community events, Frances’ warmth and smile made her an instant friend to many people.

She will be missed dearly.

She can rest well, knowing her life of community service will be remembered fondly by many for years to come. Our thoughts are with Guy and their family during this difficult time.”

Books of condolence have been set-up at MP Duncan’s Constituency Offices for those who wish to offer a note to the Lauzon family.

The books are available to sign, Monday-Friday from 8:30am-4:30pm, at the following three locations:

North Dundas Municipal Office: 636 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester

South Dundas Municipal Office: 34 Ottawa Street, Morrisburg

Cornwall Constituency Office: 691C Brookdale Avenue, Cornwall

Funeral arrangements will be announced by the Lauzon family in the coming days.



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