Solidarity with the Ukrainian people

MPs in Ukraine hold up flags to thank countries for their support [Copyright Credit: AP Photo]

Sometimes, you just have to stand with people in situations that are unacceptable. The invasion of Ukraine by Putin’s military forces is such a tragedy, not just for Ukraine, but for all of Europe, and for the peace of the world. For those who have recently been throwing around the term “dictator” in this country, take a look at Czar Putin’s aggression and understand: that is a Dictator.

The photograph is of members of Parliament in Ukraine holding up flags
to thank the countries that have given them support, and that was before the invasion began in earnest. Take a look at the faces: many of them are now in danger of their lives for daring to think that they could be free and independent of the Russian Bear.

In this country, even after recent events, we can be thankful that we are
still free to have our own opinion, our own beliefs, and our own country. This must give us a real sense of perspective, as we look at a nation being attacked without genuine cause, all because one man thinks he has the right, even the duty, to take away the freedoms of other nations in order to restore a lost Soviet Empire. He truly does see himself as the new Czar of all the Russias. He is, in fact, only the new Stalin, cold, pitiless, arrogant, cruel. He has already been guilty of murdering and imprisoning those who oppose him. There is every reason to believe he will not stop at destroying Ukraine if he can. There is every reason not to believe a word he says.

Have you ever felt more thankful that you live in this country?


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