Rainy Hike for Hospice raises $11,000


The fundraising event “Hike for Hospice”, organized by Dundas County Hospice, raised an astounding $11,000 on May 5 despite rainy weather. 

“We had about 40 hikers,” reports Dundas County Hospice Executive Director, Lisa Casselman. “We just want to thank everyone that came out to support our hike. The weather was absolutely miserable but the spirit of the community was amazing! It was one of the worst weather days we’ve had in the history of our hikes, but it was also one of the more successful hikes we’ve had. Thank you to the community of Iroquois for being such hospitable hosts. Thank you to the Iroquois-Matilda Lions, the Knights of Columbus of both South Mountain and Morrisburg and to our own volunteers for helping out. We are reminded once again of the amazing support we always get from the communities we live in.”

Cindy Morgan, a member of the Dundas County Hospice Fundraising Committee, reiterated: “The weather was terrible but the spirit was wonderful!”


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