Porch View Hobby Farm opens new store offering local products


Who hasn’t heard of Porch View Hobby Farm? Few residents of North Dundas would be able to say they don’t know about Winchester residents Carrie Paquin and Trevor Porteous, and their home-based business offering farm fresh meat, eggs, and other products for sale. One thing that may come as news to some readers is that Carrie and Trevor have now opened a physical store to sell not only their products, but other local products as well. The store is truly the epitome of “local helping local”, both in terms of selling local food to local people, as well as business to business collaboration with multiple local products in one location. 

Where did the idea of a store come from? “In July 2023, I was laid off from my full-time job,” Carrie explained. “When this happened, I did two things: I immersed myself in the farm and our farm sales, and I made my side business “Sticks & Stitches” a full-time thing. Running both of these businesses together meant I needed a combined space to serve both customer bases. With not much snow this winter, Trevor, who owns Camouflage Property Maintenance and primarily does snow removal in the winter months, had some extra time on his hands. So he got the store ready to open this spring.”

Carrie explained that she and Trevor have wanted to open a farm store since they first started the farm. They have been selling their farm-fresh eggs and meat since 2020, as well as supplying other small farms with piglets to raise for pork for their freezers. “We have had a list of ‘farm store ideas’ for years, compiled from long chats on the front porch,” Carrie added. “We’ve definitely been in the planning phase for about 4 years.”  

Carrie asserts that the most rewarding thing about running the farm is knowing that local families are eating clean, ethically raised foods. “We often invite customers to take a walk around and see where and how our animals are raised,” she said. “We happily answer any questions about what they are fed, how they live, and even their end of life.” 

The store – which is now open – offers farm fresh chicken, turkey, beef, and pork all raised on site. The store also sells chicken, duck and quail eggs produced on site, as well as their fresh grown potatoes and onions, when in stock. Seasonally, the store will offer sunflowers, corn, pumpkins, and Christmas trees.

In North Dundas, local business is not just about commerce, it is about community. Businesses support each other as much as they support their customers. Next month, on Saturday, May 4, the North Dundas Business Expo will be returning to the Joel Steele Arena in Winchester from 9am-3pm. The event features free admission, and over 100 local vendors to visit and explore. The Expo is a stunning example of what it looks like when North Dundas businesses come together.   

Products that Porch View Hobby Farm sells through collaboration with other locals include those from Springs Apiary (Honey and beeswax products), Walker Family Farm (Pure Maple Syrup), Crooked Rubz (spices and rubs that pair perfectly with their meat), and Connerty Meadow Farms (Goat milk soaps). The store will soon carry local produce as well.

“We follow provincial guidelines, providing the necessary paperwork for customers to have their meat birds processed at licensed, inspected abattoirs,” Carrie added. “So we don’t just sell farm-fresh meat, we also enable other farms and families to raise their own.”

The new store also has wholesale terms in place with Willows Agriservices in Kemptville and Ritchies in Ottawa to bring in their livestock feeds, so customers can pick up those items right in North Dundas. This will help fill a hole created by the loss of the Winchester Ritchie’s location. The store currently carries only a few options, but the selection of feeds will be expanded as needed. A deal has just been reached to add farm supplies such as feeders and waterers, heat lamps, and other traditional “feed store” items to the store as well. Products from Sticks & Stitches as well as décor items are also being sold.  

When asked about challenges, Carrie pointed out that raising animals always has hardships, and heartbreaks, but that their relationship with Dundas Veterinary Services and other local supporters has helped a lot. 

“Cheering on local businesses, watching them grow and thrive has always been very important to me,” said Carrie. “I have developed friendships with many of our business owners, and I’m proud and grateful to have the chance to join them. I see them support each other, have each other’s backs, and that’s not something you see in every town.”

Current store hours are Tuesday – Friday, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm, and weekends 10:00 am – 3:00 pm.  Carrie and Trevor have some flexibility available for families and farmers who may need to make an after-hours visit.   

“We just want to thank everyone who follows our journey and cheers us on,” said Carrie. “It means a lot to us.” Porch View Hobby Farm is located at 12039 County Road 38 in Winchester. 


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