Open letter to Annamie Paul


Annamie Paul,

Given that your new shadow cabinet member Richard Zurawski has proclaimed that the GPC is harbouring an antisemitic BDS terrorist group, and given Zurawski has proclaimed that Mr. Manly and Ms. Atwin are promoting that terrorist group’s agenda, and given hate speech such as Zurawski’s against the GPC is a violation of the code of conduct,

I ask the following:
Will you immediately denounce Zurawski’s accusations?
Will you immediately remove Zurawski from the shadow cabinet?
Will you call for Zurawski’s expulsion from the GPC?

Or will your handling of this be akin to the way you handled accusations of antisemitism against Green MP’s from your spokesperson Noah Zatzman ‑ leaving them undenounced and by default representing your position?

Constantine Kritsonis
Former Ontario
representative to GPC Council


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