Nuffield Canada Scholarship applications are open

The 2022 Scholars for Nuffield Canada are L‑R: Odette Menard (QC), Lauren Park (NS), Ingrid Johnston (BC), Ken Coles (AB), Shawn Moan (SK), and Mark Phillips (PE). [Photo by Theresa Whalen]

Applications for 2023 Nuffield Canada Agricultural Scholarships are now open and the deadline to apply is June 30, 2022.

The Nuffield Scholarship is a prestigious rural leadership program available to Canadian citizens who are involved in any aspect of agriculture. Its goal is to attract mid‑career scholars with a passion for agriculture who are ready to challenge themselves in a program of self‑directed international travel and study. The experience results in personal and professional benefits, while adding value to Canadian agriculture as scholars assume positions of greater influence in their field.

This $15,000 scholarship provides individuals with a unique opportunity to access the world’s most extensive network in food and farming, achieve personal development through travel and study, and deliver long‑term benefits to Canadian farmers and growers and to the industry as a whole.

“Nuffield Canada is part of a global network of Nuffield alumni who support each other in their travel studies to learn more about various aspects of agriculture,“ explains Blake Vince, Nuffield Canada Chair and 2013 Scholar. “This unique scholarship opportunity develops new influencers that go on to reshape our Canadian agricultural sector with revitalized innovation, global perspectives, and leadership.”

Recipients can come from any capacity of primary production, industry, or governance of agriculture and must do a minimum of 10 weeks of travel study within 24 months to examine and research an agriculturally relevant issue. They then write a report on their self‑directed research findings and make a presentation at Nuffield Canada’s Annual General Meeting.  

“The opportunity to become a part of a global network of leaders in agriculture and the chance to explore new ideas abroad compelled me to apply for the Nuffield scholarship,” said 2019 Canadian Nuffield Scholar Ryan Boyd from Forrest, Manitoba. “The scholars that I have met over the years have been impressive individuals and all can’t say enough positive things about their Nuffield experience.”

The 2022 named scholarship sponsors are Canadian Canola Growers Association, Alberta Wheat Commission, Farm Credit Canada, and the PEI Department of Agriculture and Land. However not all sponsorships are crop‑related as additional sponsorships are coming online and there are also sponsorships by Nuffield Canada Alumni. Scholarships are open to livestock, aquaculture, fisheries, forestry, organic and Indigenous production, or any other relevant sector of modern agriculture. For anyone interested in learning more about Nuffield Canada and the application process, please visit

Nuffield Canada was established in Canada in 1950 and incorporated as a non‑profit organization in 1986. It currently has more than 130 alumni. As part of a larger international community, Nuffield Canada has affiliate organizations in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, France, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kenya, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa, United Kingdom, United States of America, and Zimbabwe. Scholar recipients become members of the global Nuffield alumni network, more than 1,800 strong, who in return host and help current traveling scholars.


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