North Dundas Zoning Bylaw Amendment for Johndin Farms Inc.


There was a public meeting held on June 9 to discuss a Zoning Bylaw Amendment to allow for an agricultural machinery repair shop and welding facility at Johndin Farms, located at 13640 County Road 43.

Notice announcing the public meeting to consider this zoning bylaw amendment was sent to property owners within 120 meters on May 18. A sign was affixed at the property under consideration on the same date in accordance with the Planning Act.

Currently, the property is used for both residential and agriculture (cash cropping), and is zoned Agricultural.

The proposed amendment would see the addition of an agricultural machine repair shop and welding facility.

The Official plan considers these Agricultural Resource Lands, and the surrounding land is used for agriculture and residential. The entire property is 363.44 acres, and the part of land that the zoning amendment will deal with is approximately half an acre. The proposed agricultural machine repair and welding shop will be approximately 300 meters from the road, and 290 meters from the nearest neighbour.

The rezoning will see the property changed from Agricultural to Agricultural Special Exemption 41 (AG-41). This designation allows for businesses that support the area’s agricultural operations to operate in specifically agricultural areas.

The province stipulates, that prime agricultural areas are only to be used for agriculture and related activities, and on-farm diversified uses. The business has been operating for a while as a home-based business, and seeks to expand, hence the application for a zoning bylaw amendment.

There were no comments submitted from the public prior to the meeting, and none during the meeting, allowing the zoning bylaw amendment to be accepted.


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