North Dundas is getting ready for Valentine’s Day

North Dundas High School news


by Jamie Wilson

Jamie Wilson

Last week, we happily resumed school in person after being virtual for a month. We made it to school for one whole day before we were greeted with our first snowday of the year on Wednesday. Doing work from home again for a day, after just going back to school the day before, put into perspective how thankful I was to be learning in person again. Many other students agree, and we all hope that we can continue this way as long as it’s safe.

We ended our first week back with a fun spirit day on Friday. The day was Funky Sock Friday, and many students showed their school spirit by fancying up their feet. We hope to fill the remainder of this school year with many more exciting spirit days.

Speaking of which, we have another spirit day coming up this Friday, February 12, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Wear your Valentine’s colours of pink, red, white, and purple. We would like to wish a happy upcoming Valentine’s Day to all the people who we love and appreciate. Including, but not limited to, our teachers and staff here at North Dundas, frontline workers everywhere, and our families and loved ones.


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