North Dundas Council report


The Council of the Township of North Dundas held its regular council meeting on July 13.

The meeting welcomed presentations from Annik Blanchard with the audit of the 2020 Draft Financial Statements, and from Bill Smirle with the South Nation Conservation (SNC) Update.

SNC is holding two-day “Fish Camps” at various Conservation Areas this summer, including Cass Bridge, High Falls, and Jessup’s Falls. Social distancing and health protocols have been established and will be followed.

There is ongoing restoration at various conservation areas, including ash tree management at Cass Bridge, and dead tree cleanup at Oschmann Forest, with the firewood being donated to House of Lazarus.

SNC has hired some very qualified students to work this summer thanks to grants received and SNC staff continue to identify and apply for future grants. The Natural Heritage System Project, a first-ever joint venture with the counties SD&G and Prescott Russell, is now complete.

A quarter million trees were planted in the SNC watershed this spring, and SNC continues to add more property to its holdings through gifts and purchase.

There was a long closed-session of almost 50 minutes: closed pursuant to Section 239(2) of the Municipal Act, 2001, (f) “advice that is subject to solicitor-client privilege, including communications necessary for that purpose”.

Winchester is getting a new pedestrian crossing at Christie Lane, and Chesterville is getting one at Church Street.

Two new water and sewer units were allocated for infill development in Winchester.

Currently, water and sewer units are being allocated cautiously. Demand far outstrips supply for water and sewer capacity in both Winchester and Chesterville, and the Township is currently looking at ways to expand these resources. J. L. Richards & Associates are undertaking a Schedule C Municipal Class Environmental Assessment to evaluate possible sources of water supply going forward.

As part of the second phase of the EA Study, there are several potential alternatives for water, including: expanding the ground water supply system, such as digging new wells; connecting to existing water systems, such as that of South Dundas; creating a new surface water treatment plant; or a combination of these.

Five sites within Morewood Esker and Maple Ridge Esker were shortlisted for negotiation with the property owners. The township is currently working towards securing an option to purchase agreement, subject to successful pumping tests.

The Ministry of the Environment has issued the permit for tests for all sites, which will be conducted in August. Anticipated cost for drilling one new production well, pump house, land purchase, hydro/generator, and water main extension will be approximately $3 to $4 million, but cost varies depending on the proximity of the well site to existing water mains and hydro lines.

J.L. Richards has reviewed the existing South Dundas water supply system, as well as their projected growth over the next 20 year period, and confirmed that South Dundas has the capacity to supply additional water to fulfill North Dundas’ 20 year water supply deficit of 39.7 liters per second, which is 3429 cubic meters a day.

This also allows for long-term flexibility to, possibly, supply water past the 20-year plan.

Currently, our township has 8 active wells, with a total combined rated capacity of 102.75 liters per second. The actual yield though is 59.5 liters per second. Adding one or two new wells to the township’s water supply is only an interim solution though, as the planned growth demand is at a minimum of 39.7 liters per second.

The capacity of the wells has reduced significantly over the years. In order to accommodate new growth and provide water security and quality for existing and new residents, the township must secure alternate sources of water.

There is a planned public information session for the Fall of 2021.

The township has hired a new Executive Assistant / Deputy Clerk. Danielle Ward holds both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, and brings 11 years of municipal experience to the table.

The township is selling a vacant lot on St John Street in Hallville to Berean Homes for $152,250. These funds will go towards North Dundas’ portion of the Hallville Community Park.

All of the minutes of council meetings, with exception of the closed portions, are available through the North Dundas website.

In advance of each council meeting, the township posts a meeting package online.

Everything you ever wanted to know about what goes on at council and in the running of our township is available in these minutes and packages.


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