North Dundas Council Meeting

Maintaining support for roadside tree plant program

The North Dundas Council held its regular meeting on April 27. The meeting was held virtually and broadcast over Facebook to adhere to pandemic protocol.

Tim Simpson and Ben de Haan from the United Counties Stormont, Dundas, Glengary (SDG) presented an update of County business to the North Dundas Council.

Based on population, North Dundas’ Proportion of Taxable Assessment for 2021 stands at 19.2%, up from 19.1%. Tara Kirkpatrick was recently hired as the new Manager of Economic Development for SDG, and Peter Young as a new Director of Planning.

SDG allocated $250K in grant money for 2021 towards the Regional Incentives Program, for July 2021. This program has seen $600K invested in local business since 2018. SDG has identified six priorities for the next 2 to 3 years, including: continued advocacy in areas such as broadband access, and natural gas expansion; enhancing available digital tools such as social media; enhancing Regional Incentives Program; regional investment growth; strengthening the SDG Brand (Where Ontario Began); and attracting and investing in small business and producers, such as remote workers.

SDG’s big project for this year on North Dundas’ roadways is County Road 13 west of Morewood, costing almost $1.4 million. Ben De Haan emphasized that the quality of the work that SDG is getting is much better now than in the past. This 6.5 kms is the second biggest length that SDG is paving this year, and they are employing an asphalt paving recycling project, whereby the asphalt is chewed up, an emulsion is added, and the amalgam becomes new asphalt to create a strong base, which is then capped with new asphalt. SDG will replace a drain at the same time, which is a $200K project.

The other major SDG project in North Dundas this year is the CP Overpass on SDG 31, which will cost approximately $1.45 million. SDG is also doing culvert work in preparation for the development, Wellings of Winchester. SDG has also undertaken a Regional Waste Management Plan, winter maintenance innovations, investments in patrol yards, CCTV program for storm sewers, repair program for culverts and bridges. SDG is finishing their Natural Heritage Study this year, continuing to work through the Official Plan Appeal alongside North Dundas’ own Plan Appeal, undertaking a growth and population study to look at how they can expand urban areas to consider the 20 year growth horizon within the SDG.

SDG maintains a roadside tree planting program to reduce drifting snow in the winter, alongside managing and acquiring forest areas. In thanking Ben de Haan for his presentation, Mayor Fraser specifically mentioned the roadside tree planting program, saying that he “wants us in North Dundas to be proactive,” and that “supporting roadside tree planting is very important.” He stated that trees are a concern for many, and so is ensuring that the trees remain. He is looking forward to discussing the roadside tree planting program at both the North Dundas Council level, and the United Counties SDG Council (Deputy Mayor Armstrong, and Mayor Fraser both represent North Dundas at the United Counties SDG Council).

The Council resolved to re-name the park in South Mountain to the Rick Cauvier Memorial Park, and that signage will reflect this change. Rick Cauvier owned and operated Rick’s Gas Bar in South Mountain for many years. Rick passed away last year. His wife Sherry Mowat has requested that the park in South Mountain be renamed. Mountain Township Agricultural Society and the Mountain Township and District Lion’s Club both provided letters in support. The Site Plan Control Agreement between Sevita International and the Township was accepted, as the required work shared by the Township and Sevita to improve Sandy Row has been undertaken.

Annual Reports from both the Chesterville and District Historical Society, and the Dundas County Archives, were accepted by Council.


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