New Outdoor Pod supports Rapid COVID-19 screening at Dundas Manor


A new COVID-19 screening building in the parking lot at Dundas Manor is making things safer and easier for families and staff members. And it has some neighbours asking if there’s a new chip truck in town! In fact, it is the first ‘Smart Testing Pod’ in Eastern Ontario.

Rapid Tests are being administered to all essential caregivers and staff members at the pod before they enter Dundas Manor. This screening test can detect COVID-19 in 15 to 20 minutes, making it simpler and faster to identify potential COVID-19 positive cases that otherwise could be missed.

Marilyn McCallum visits her Mom Dorothy several times a week and says the new testing process is amazing. “It’s been life changing for me,” she says. “It is so much faster than booking appointments at the Assessment Centre, going for the test, and then waiting up to four days for the results. It’s hard when you want to see your loved one, but you can’t. Now I can go and see my Mom when I want, without all the extra planning.”

“Currently we are mandated to test staff three times a week. Essential caregivers are also tested up to three times a week, depending on how often they visit,” explains Administrator Susan Poirier. “This new process will keep everyone safe – including our staff members who are giving the tests – and will reduce congestion inside the home.”

Residents continue to have regular COVID-19 tests as well and all infection control precautions are still in place.


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