New Dundas Manor will break ground before the new year

Now a messy looking rural property, but soon to be the home of the new Dundas Manor! Photo by Jaclyn Paddison.

It was announced earlier this month that the ceremonial ground-breaking ceremony for the new and improved Dundas Manor will take place before the end of the year. 

“Thanks to a generous community and a lot of dedicated volunteers, we have big news!” wrote hospital communications lead Jane Adams in a press release. “Our wonderful donors have given over $12 million to help build the new, larger, safe Dundas Manor Long-Term Care Home!”

“This is another exciting milestone in the Expanding the Circle of Compassionate Care campaign – $12 million is a lot of money and our small but mighty community deserves all the credit,” says

Managing Director, Kristen Casselman. “We are so grateful for everyone’s support.”

It was announced on November 2 that the general contractor who will build the new Long Term Care Home has been confirmed, as has the construction schedule.

“We have been working at this for ten years now and we are really closing in on some major milestones of the project,” said Dundas Manor Board Chair Lisa Little. “It is so rewarding to start to see the fruits of our labour – and that of many other volunteers – pay off.”

While the ground-breaking ceremony is only a symbolic gesture for new construction projects, it signifies much more in the sense that the proper approvals and funding are in place for the project to proceed. With so much hard work already completed and much more to come, this most recent milestone – one of many in the past few months – is certainly a reason to celebrate.

“We will have our ceremonial ground-breaking ceremony by the end of this year. We may have to trade our spades for snow shovels, but we are determined to dig into the ground, even if it’s frozen!” Lisa joked. “Please keep an eye out in the local papers and social media for the date as our entire community is invited to celebrate with us.”

Dundas Manor CEO Cholly Boland added his thoughts: “Thank you so much to our community for your generosity thus far, and for your patience as we navigate our way through the many necessary steps and processes involved in such a large scale and essential project – the new Dundas Manor,” she said. “We look forward to sharing and celebrating many more milestones with you in the coming months.”


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