Murder in Kemptville: Here’s what we know


Small towns are known for many things, but murder is certainly not one of them. Early last week, however, the “uncommon” happened in Kemptville, at a residence on Rideau River Road (County Road 19), in the northeast outskirts of town. 

The publicly released details about the crime that we have so far are this: A 27 year old from South Dundas was arrested and charged with the second degree murder of 35 year old North Grenville resident, Corey Greenwood. 

According to land records research completed by CBC reporters, Corey Greenwood is the co-owner of the home in which the alleged homicide took place. A truck remained parked in the driveway of the home after the incident, bearing the name of a Brinston business which happens to be owned by the person named as the accused perpetrator. 

“The accused was charged with second degree murder, contrary to Section 235(1) of the Criminal Code, and was held for a bail hearing on October 11, at the Ontario Court of Justice,” wrote the OPP in a press release on October 11. Court records show that a subsequent “bail phase” court appearance is scheduled for today, October 19. 

The day after the alleged crime, the heavy police presence in the area was noted online by residents of Rideau River Road. Some reported seeing police officers in SWAT gear, before knowing what had actually occurred on their street. “While the investigation is in its early stages, police do not believe there is a risk to public safety, however, residents should expect to see an increased police presence in the area during this investigation,” the OPP wrote at the time. 

Now for the rumours: It has been speculated online by social media users claiming to know the people involved that the alleged crime was gang-related. There may be some element of truth to this. The CBC reports that a Harley Davidson motorcycle was also parked in the driveway of the Rideau River Road house the day after the alleged murder, with a Loners Motorcycle Club helmet sitting on the seat. The Loners Motorcycle Club is an international outlaw motorcycle club founded in 1979. The OPP was unable to provide further comment when asked about the rumours.  

The OPP adds in its release: “This investigation is being conducted by the Grenville County OPP Crime Unit under the direction of the OPP Criminal Investigation Branch, in conjunction with the Office of the Chief Coroner for Ontario and Centre of Forensic Sciences. Anyone with information regarding this investigation should contact the Grenville County OPP at 1-888-310-1122. Should you wish to remain anonymous, submit your tip online at Ontario Crime Stoppers where you may be eligible to receive a cash reward of up to $2,000.”


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