Mother and son photographic exhibit celebrates love


by Ann Brady

February is the month we celebrate love, and visitors to the Winchester branch of SDG Library will find something quite unique in honour of that. Starting February 1, “Art in the Branches” will feature its very first mother and son photographic exhibit!  

Local artist and photographer Sarah Stewart’s works are a testament to her talent and the remarkable journey she has embarked on with her young son, Linden, in his quest to create photographic art of his own.  It is a true celebration of the power of art – and love – to transcend age and capture the beauty of life.

Sarah is a multifaceted woman who has passionately embraced various mediums throughout her artistic journey.  Born with a creative spirit, she discovered her artistic abilities at a young age while fashioning Christmas ornaments and jewellery alongside her mother. Now, at the age of 37 and a mother herself, Sarah finds inspiration in being a homeschooling mom of five, lovingly weaving art into the lives of her children and their educational experience. 

Through her guidance and encouragement, Sarah’s three-year-old son Linden has already delved into the world of photography, which will be showcased alongside her own work at the library.

“As an artist and mother, I am driven by the belief that art has the power to transform lives and impact society,” Sarah says.  She is dedicated to navigating the intricate balance of nurturing her family’s creativity while pursuing her artistic dreams, leaving her mark on both her children and the world. 

“Art and beauty are all around us,” she enthuses with childlike vision. “I approach artwork with a deep sense of curiosity and an unwavering commitment to capturing the essence of life’s beauty,” she adds. “My creations evoke emotions, spark imagination, and invite viewers to experience art from a perspective they may not have otherwise considered.”  

‘Art in the Branches’ is a gently curated program of the North Dundas Arts Council (NDAC) offered to local visual Artists of all genres and stages of their career.  For more information on this free program, contact Ann at NDAC or on Facebook at “North Dundas Arts Council.” Winchester Library is located at 547 St. Lawrence Street, Winchester, ON, open six days a week at various hours to suit all schedules.


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