Meta will soon prevent Canadians from accessing news content


submitted by News Media Canada

Meta announced earlier this week that it will soon begin blocking all news access on its platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, in protest of the recent passing of Bill C-18, the Online News Act, by the federal government.

In comments provided to The Canadian Press, News Media Canada president and CEO Paul Deegan said this “intemperate” action will harm user experience and devalue the Facebook platform.

“Without access to real fact-based news created by real journalists, Facebook will become far less attractive to users and advertisers,” Deegan said in a statement. “We expect more and more advertisers and their agencies will begin pulling advertising from the platform in response to this unilateral, undemocratic, and unreasonable move.”

Pascale St-Onge, Canada’s new Minister of Canadian Heritage, called the decision “irresponsible” and said she intends to “stand up for Canadians against tech giants.”



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