Meet your new Council


A new Council has been selected to serve North Dundas for the next four years. North Dundas voters had an easier job in last month’s election than in some previous elections, needing only to pick three out of six Councillor candidates. Incumbent Mayor Tony Fraser kept his seat without anyone to challenge him for it, and Councillor Theresa Bergeron applied for the Deputy Mayor seat, and also ran unopposed thereby having her seat acclaimed. 

The new North Dundas Council set to be sworn in on November 15. Top left, Mayor Tony Fraser; top right, Deputy Mayor Theresa Bergeron; bottom row left to right, Councillors Gary Annable, Matthew Uhrig, and John Lennox.

Of the six candidates seeking a Councillor position this term, Gary Annable was the only incumbent. He was given overwhelming support, receiving more votes than any other candidate (1,910 votes). Also elected were Winchester resident Matthew Uhrig with 1,595 votes, and Hallville resident John Lennox with 1,434 votes. All candidates received support from the community, with Joselyn Morley earning 891 votes, William Healey coming in a close fifth place with 873 votes, and Stefan Kohut earning 551 votes. 

The four School Trustee roles were also acclaimed for North Dundas. Filling the Trustee roles for the next four years will be Larry Berry for the English Public Board, Karen McAllister for the English Separate Board, Mathieu Tondreau for the French Public Board, and Jacques Heroux for the French Separate Board. 

Voter turnout for the election was extremely poor, as it has often been for elections at all levels of government in recent years. Out of 8,716 eligible voters, only 2,740 voted, representing a voter turnout rate of just 31.4%. Voting for this election was only possible by internet or telephone, though branches of the SD&G County Library as well as the Township office were offering internet voting in-person for those without internet or phone access, or those who did not feel technically proficient enough to vote by one of these means. Of those who voted, 20% casted their ballot by telephone, while 80% used the internet. 

The results of the election were announced live on the Township of North Dundas YouTube channel shortly after voting ended at 8:00 pm on October 24. New Councillors Matthew Uhrig and John Lennox were asked at that time to provide a preferred email address for communication with the Township until they are sworn in. Outgoing are Deputy Mayor Allan Armstrong and Councillor John Thompson, who did not seek re-election, but both continue to hold their positions until the swearing in ceremony for the new Council. The new Council will be officially sworn in on November 15, with the first Council meeting of that administration to be held on November 29. 


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