Local mask maker continues to support local food banks

Debbie Amirault presents House of Lazarus Executive Assistant, Janet Carkner with a cheque for $500 to support their food bank. Photo credit: Mike Amirault

A local mask-maker has made her sixth donation since the pandemic started to local food banks, totalling $3300.

Debbie Amirault started the Mouth2Mouth Project last spring as a way to keep busy and give back to the local community. The idea was to not only provide affordable masks to the community, but also support the local food banks who have seen an increase in clients due to the pandemic. Last Wednesday, she presented the House of Lazarus in South Mountain with a $500 cheque to support their food bank.

Debbie uses mostly donated fabric to create three styles of masks that she sells for $4 each. Every mask is 100% cotton and is made of three layers of fabric, including medical grade filter fabric. Masks are made to order so people have the chance to pick the style, colour and pattern that they like best. Debbie says she has lots of women’s fabric but would gladly take donations of men’s and children’s fabric, as well as solids.

Debbie has really enjoyed making masks for the past few months and being able to use all the proceeds to give back to the House of Lazarus and the Salvation Army Food Bank. The Mouth2Mouth Project has really taken off with Debbie receiving orders from as far away as Brockville and Montreal. She estimates that she has made around 1500 masks to date. “It’s allowing me to give back to the community and that’s the whole purpose of the project,” she says.

To order masks or contact Debbie about donating fabric, you can message her on Facebook under Debbie Amirault or email her at mouth2mouthproject@gmail.com.


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