Letter to the Editor – Ontario Election


Dear Editor,

Ontario Election – Long Term Care

When will someone address the sheer lack of PSWs and RNs who want to work in Long Term Care (LTC) in the EOHU area and across the Province? 

The government can mandate hours of care etc. etc. but how will there be enough Registered Nurses and Registered Practical Nurses (RNs) and (RPNs), Personal Support Workers (PSWs) to fulfill these promises, Doug Ford? The government can ‘throw’ money at this issue all day every day. Money alone will not fix this issue. 

It might help, but it will not correct the staff shortages or willingness of people who truly feel called to work in LTC. 

COVID has caused much burnout in all these professions. Certainly, their need is much more apparent. Their status is elevated, their incomes have increased, yet still not enough to cover. 

Potential Solutions:

Free education would help for nursing¼ but agencies just throwing more money at the staff means that workplaces have to pay more for the same people.

Is immigration a solution?  

Janie Elizabeth MacAskill
Winchester ON




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