Letter to the Editor – Local News


Dear Editor,

We have all learned something this past year. Through the fall of Trump, a worldwide pandemic and the loss of a beloved local newspaper, we have all learned the value of reliable, trustworthy and accurate news.

I want to express how excited I was when the North Dundas Times came to town. A newspaper dedicated to our small community, is such a treasure! The stories are about us.
Documenting our history, both past and present, sharing ideas and opinions, promoting and supporting local initiatives, the North Dundas Times needs to be recognized and supported too.

In last week’s paper, I counted fifteen advertisements, in a 12 page paper. I’m not in the newspaper business, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t enough to be sustainable.

Please consider advertising in this paper, to ensure its future. I know North Dundas is a community that cares and this is one business that needs our support.

Nanda Wubs-Huizenga


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