Letter to the Editor – Cost of Living


Dear Editor,

RE cost of living and coping with this world. 

Look at all the Prime Ministers. They really look healthy. Because they all can afford to buy steak, beer, liquor because money doesn’t bother them. We go to the food bank, thank heavens for them, but all we see for fresh meat is chicken legs, or legs and thighs, and hamburger. Where is the prime meat, breast or steak, roast, etc.? 

We need a cap on all groceries in stores, restaurants, any place that sells food. For one year starting right now. Watch the flyers and match from one week to the next. The price goes up. Let them keep it. Stand up and keep money in your own pocket. I know people that haven’t even got $100 left after paying rent for a month. That is the government’s fault, welfare, etc. Look at Ford and Trudeau for example. They get that big smile on, thinking they did something great, but they only look like a dog eating crap out of long grass. 

We challenge all Prime Ministers and highly paid people to live on $100 to $150 for food and all other accessories. We got a raise on Old Age Pension, a whole $4.42 a day. That buys fudge all. The Prime Minister must be laughing his guts out. What a jack–s. He got us so far in debt now, we will never see daylight. Trudeau gave Kathleen Wynne hell for spending too much, that’s nothing compared to what shape our country is in. 

We need housing for single people and single parents under 55, like seniors 55 and up, because they cannot afford high rent plus hydro and heat. 

Next time there is an election, you know who to vote out, vote Trudeau out. Send him to the curb, with a garbage bag. Unfortunately, we have an idiot for a Prime Minister. Wake up people. We are all on our way to hell in a handbag. SOONER THAN LATER if we keep Trudeau. 

David Larmour


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