Kind gesture at Mary’s Restaurant


“Life can be unpredictable… be humble and kind.” This is the message that Robin Portieous – a server at Mary’s Restaurant – is sharing after a positive experience last week. One of Robin’s tables flagged her to come over, and a customer at the table said that she would be paying everyone’s bill, not just her own!

The generous customer did not want anyone to know who was paying the bills, nor did she tell Robin the reason for her gesture. The customers who benefitted from the act of kindness appreciated it very much. “They went crazy… so surprised,” said Robin. “It definitely shows that we have a great community.” 

The community is so great, in fact, that last week’s gesture wasn’t much of a surprise to Robin. “We get someone paying for tables’ meals often,” she said. 

Kindness is free. Kudos to all those in North Dundas who are eager to share it!


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