Kibble 4 Paws: A way to help those who help animals


It is not hard to find a deep respect for non-profit organizations that help animals. These non-profits are the epitome of humanity, and the caring individuals who run them pour their heart and soul into their work every day. But what happens when the helpers need help?

Kibble 4 Paws is a registered non-profit food distribution organization that is dedicated to helping rescues cut costs toward food and supplies so that their funds can go toward veterinary care and other necessities, instead of worrying about the bare basics, such as food.

“We receive food donations from large suppliers which we then distribute to all types of rescues such as those supporting dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals,” explained Julie Bourdon from Kibble 4 Paws. “We also assist farm sanctuaries by purchasing feed with donations from our supporters at our local feed store, which includes food for pigs, alpacas, chickens, goats and more.”

Other beneficiaries of the Kibble 4 Paws program include wildlife centres, foodbanks, women’s shelters, Streetfriends and community hubs. 

How does an idea like Kibble 4 Paws get started? Like most ideas, it started small. “What started as a couple of skids of dog food delivered by myself to one local rescue has now grown to over eighty different organizations across Eastern Ontario and Western Québec,” Julie explained. “We are delivering as far south as Bowmanville, North to Parry Sound, East to Hawkesbury and all of the Ottawa and Ottawa Valley areas, West to Brockville, Kingston, Napanee and Cambellford.” The organization has also recently expanded its operations to Western Québec.

With 25 “amazing” volunteer drivers, Kibble 4 Paws delivers right to their clients’ doors, or they meet with clients in strategic spots to save time and mileage. With many of these logistical considerations already figured out, the next steps for Kibble 4 Paws are to obtain its Charity status, and expand into the world of helping seniors with their “Golden Paws” program. 

Kibble 4 Paws held a local fundraising yard sale in Winchester on July 22 and 23. Stephen Trolly from the Times was on site. “Julie greeted me at D&H Fencing with infectious enthusiasm,” said Stephen. “Rows of tables lined with everything from Christmas ornaments to canning supplies – most with some kind of pet themed twist – and even an antique change table took up most of the parking lot. A beautiful raffle basket, donated by Upper Canada Vet and stuffed with goodies, sat prominently on the checkout table.”

Julie reports that the event raised “a bunch of money”, which will be put toward a new and much needed storage facility for the organization.  


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