I’ve Heard some Geese a’honkin”!


The sad Royal events of the past week have overshadowed my garden bird viewing, somewhat, but life still goes on in that respect, even if not so noticeably, as before my UK break. This morning I saw and heard a flock of Canada Geese as they came in to land in the creek at the end of our road. In the bright sunshine they came in and landed, and their internal migratory clocks must have been asking the question as to why they were so early? One of those questions that can only be answered by themselves presumably,—I’m not sticking my neck out with a suggestion,–that’s for sure! 

It would seem that our Hummingbirds and the Baltimore Oriole have probably left us for a while; and the Bluebirds and Wrens are not showing themselves either, so have probably done likewise. Our Chickadees, Nuthatch, Cardinals and Woodpeckers are still here and are usually some of the ones who will remain with us for the next few months, so all is not lost! 

Hopefully, you are still managing to see some of your own birds even though your summer visitors may have vacated too. The enjoyment of seeing them is something that is not easily replaced, so I hope that you are all able to continue doing so. Stay safe and well.

John Baldwin



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